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Announcing Adobe PDF JobReady

Saginaw, MI, April 1, 2008 - CUAdvantage Adds Convenience and Efficiency with Adobe PDF JobReady.

CUAdvantage has added convenience and efficiency with the recent launch of Adobe PDF JobReady, a new feature on their website granting clients the ability to convert their created files into print-ready PDF form.

The PDF JobReady feature is provided to preserve electronic files in a universal portable document format (PDF), before submitting to print. The utility prevents problems experienced with multiple computer platforms, programs and typical file transfer such as missing fonts and format errors. The client's file is therefore preserved as created, and submitted in print ready form.

"If you have ever submitted an electronic file for print you know the typical issues that can be encountered," said Creative Director Wally Taberski. "The PDF JobReady tool allows us to eliminate those problems and give our clients a more streamlined process for print-ready files. The result is no hassles and no technical problems to resolve."

To utilize this feature, clients can simply download the feature from their website ( After obtaining the software, an option will be created in the client's print menu to "Send to". Selecting this option will link the client to the PDF JobReady software, and eventually the CUAdvantage website. The client will then be guided through a step by step direction to create and submit their file.

CUAdvantage provides a full range of marketing and printing services. The company has representatives located Virgina, Arizona, Oregon and Montana, with it's main production facility located in Saginaw, MI. For more information about how CUAdvantage can help your credit union with it's marketing efforts, visit their website at or call them at 877.799.0784.