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Is the American Bankers Association horning in on International Credit Union Day?

The Pennsylvania Credit Union Association is a bit suspicious since the ABA put out info this week promoting its “Get Smart About Credit Day” for Oct. 15.

“Just ridiculous, just a coincidence,” said an ABA spokesman contending its event, now in its seventh year, “is held in October and focuses on credit for young adults.”

The PCUA, in its daily bulletin under the headline, “Banks Attempt to Steal ‘Credit Union Day” noted that “some 3,000 bankers and students participate in lessons on developing good credit habits” and cited a Web listing of participating banks.

For its part, the ABA spokesman pointed to a press release issued today from its foundation discussing an update to its Web site “discussing the do’s and don’ts of credit with young adults” and the historic nature of the literacy program.

“You mean there are 365 days a year and they decide to pick today?” said a PCUA spokesman also poking fun at the “use of a 1960s TV comedy” to highlight the ABA effort.