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We review some of the most memorable business of law-related Tweets of the past several years.


A Ninth Circuit judge questioned whether the LSAT harms diversity in law schools.

In this week's Higher Law, we look at 10 years of adult-use marijuana legalization in Colorado.


In trial briefs filed ahead of a second phase of trial this month, lawyers for the city and county of San Francisco said they would need $8.1 billion to fix the opioid crisis, a figure Walgreens called "wildly excessive."


Right now may be the worst time in history to try a judge's patience with misconduct, unresponsiveness and petty squabbling during the evidence-gathering stage of a case.


Global law leader Cornelius Grossmann said EY's new-look legal services business will give them a considerable edge in the war for talent against Big Law.


While necessary, integrating one's technology products is no easy feat, and comes with significant risks.


"I think that as economic challenges heighten, there is a risk that ESG becomes a nice-to-have rather than a must-have," one general counsel said.


The Washington Attorney General's Office investigation into Seattle Pacific University's allegedly discriminatory hiring practices can proceed after a federal judge dismissed the private Christian university's attempt to block the probe.


The 2020 pass bought by plaintiff Laura Valentine to Cedar Point amusement park was a "revocable license" that only afforded her the right to enter the property pursuant to her "Gold Pass" terms and conditions, said the Ohio Supreme Court in a decision that reversed an intermediate court ruling in the case.


"Start early in your career to show an interest in firm management. If you are not at a place that takes you seriously in that role, do not hesitate to make a move to a place that will value you."


"Neither the complaint nor its exhibits explain which, if any, of the Key Referral Sources are permanently closed, how the relationship with any Key Referral Source has been permanently impacted by the suspended business, or how Retina Center determined it suffered a loss in excess of $1,000,000," Judge John K. Bush wrote in the opinion. "Without that necessary information, the pleadings do not rise above speculation."


"The Perlmutters' generous gift, and the new team at the Perlmutter Center for Legal Justice, will enable Cardozo to train generations of lawyers in the proper use of forensic science," Melanie Leslie, dean of Cardozo Law, said in a statement.


The news and analysis you need to start your day.


Security and privacy start with good information governance, and for many firms — trying to get their information governance policy implemented feels a lot like Groundhog Day. Yes, the one with Bill Murray. Let's take a closer look.


"Upon reading the arguments before the Supreme Court and returning to the record in the case, I can no longer subscribe to the entirety of the recommendations I made to the Supreme Court," the special master said in an order Wednesday.


Greenberg Traurig, Cadwalader and Quinn Emanuel are staying mum or taking careful approaches in statements about Ye.


Law firm leaders discussed issues surrounding legal talent in Asia during International's Asia Legal Marketplace webinar on Oct. 25. Here's what they said.


The ruling creates a circuit split over the issue.


Attorneys who have appeared in his court who spoke with the Law Journal on the condition of anonymity described Acting Justice James Burke as an intellectually competent judge who nonetheless struck a confrontational and discourteous tone with those who appeared before him, often with little provocation.


Kirkland & Ellis partner Reginald Brown on how corporations are likely to be ensnared by House investigations into corporate ESG practices, China and the Biden administration.


Plaintiff Celeina McClelland and the global firm reached an agreement through the Third Circuit's appellate mediation program.


"In sum, we conclude that McGhee's counsel performed within the accepted professional norms of 2007, which did not require objecting to the CSI-effect voir dire questions in this case," Biran wrote. "Thus, McGhee's claim of ineffective assistance of counsel fails on the performance prong, we need not address McGhee's arguments concerning the prejudice prong."


Riverside District Attorney Michael Hestrin said the dismissals are unwarranted and that the court's backlog of cases was created by the COVID-19 pandemic, not a lack of judges.


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